Leaving a lasting legacy

Planning for the future – leaving a lasting legacy

Canadian Jesuits International stands in solidarity with men, women, children and communities around the world. We support programs in education, healthcare, sustainable agriculture, livelihoods and income generation, as well as emergency assistance in areas of conflict and natural disasters. From Jamaica to Colombia to India to Syria, we want to support people to improve their quality of life and fulfill their dreams for a better future for themselves and their families.

Your legacy gift will provide vital, stable support to the work of our partners and the Jesuits seeking justice and dignity for marginalized and underserved people across the world.

Please consider including Canadian Jesuits International in your will, after you have remembered your loved ones.

Bequest in Your Will

Preparing your will is an expression of love for those you leave behind: your family, your friends, and the charities whose work you believe in and want to continue to support.

If you don’t have a will, this may be the time to prepare one. Normally this is neither difficult nor expensive. If you currently have a will, you can easily add a codicil providing for a bequest to Canadian Jesuits International.

Below are some examples of various forms of bequests with appropriate wording:

  • A General Bequest designates a certain dollar amount of property, usually cash: for example, “I give to CJI the sum of $10,000 to be used for general purposes at the discretion of Canadian Jesuits International.”
  • A Specific Bequest directs a specific piece of property to Canadian Jesuits International: for example, “I give to CJI 500 shares of XYZ stock …”
  • A Residual Bequest designates all or a portion of whatever remains of the estate after all debts, taxes, expenses or other bequests have been paid: for example, “I give to CJI fifty percent (50%) of the rest, residual and remainder of my estate …”
  • A Contingent Bequest takes effect under certain conditions: for example,”In the event that my wife does not survive me, I give to CJI the sum of …”

Other ways to give

Here are some other ways that you can give (for more information, see Planned giving):

  • Gifts of Cash
  • Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG)
  • Gifts of Insurance
  • Charitable Annuities
  • Securities / Other Property


Whichever of these forms and purposes you choose for your gifts, our donor relationship coordinator Isabel Perez-Doherty will be happy to meet with you. If you wish, the meeting can include your legal and financial advisors. Please call 416 465 1824 or email iperezdoherty@jesuits.ca.

Have you already included Canadian Jesuits International in your will?

Please let Isabel know by calling 416 465 1824 or emailing iperezdoherty@jesuits.ca.


A donor’s story

A life of service lived a gift that continues this service

By Geri Delle Palme and Martha Asselin

When Don and Dorothy Newton married in 1990, they shared a wish which Dorothy expresses quite simply, ” … we wanted to do some good in the world.” This is why they decided to leave legacy gifts. For Don this was in the form of an annuity and life insurance policy. Each made a choice and Don’s was CJI. He felt that work in education and community-building in developing countries was important and wished to help it continue.

Dorothy and Don Newton

Dorothy and Don Newton

Don Newton was born in 1920 in Montreal and attended Loyola High School and College. His mother, Annie, worked as a seamstress fitting corsets to earn the money to send him to school. The foundation received from the Jesuits was a driving force in his dedication to the service of others. After graduating, he served in World War II in the Netherlands, and remained in Europe to assist with repatriation efforts for the reunification of families.

Don and Gertrude, his first wife of 45 years, had five children. Volunteer service was extremely important to Don. He provided considerable support at St Ignatius of Loyola Parish and the Benedict Labre House in Montreal. Moving to Ottawa upon his retirement, Don volunteered at The Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, hosted refugees, delivered Meals on Wheels and was a publishing associate for the Lonergan Research Institute.

When Donald married Dorothy Hamel, their family grew to include her two children. The two legacy gifts of Don to CJI, grounded in faith, are ongoing ways in which he continues to support CJI’s vision for a just and peaceful world.

Geri Delle Palme is Don’s daughter and Martha Asselin worked with CJI from 2013-14. This story first appeared in the Winter 2014 issue of Mission News.