2017 summer newsletter

The 2017 spring and summer issue of Mission News is now available and may be downloaded in PDF format here.

The theme of this issue is “Building a lasting peace.” Three Jesuits who live and work in situations of conflict share their reflections on what it takes. In the cover article, Fr Mauricio García Durán writes about what he and his colleagues have learned about peace with the people of Colombia. He speaks about the different situations that require “peacekeeping,” “peacemaking” and “peacebuilding.” In the second article, Fr Rohan Tulloch writes about another kind of peacebuilding, one that is required among young people in the violent inner-city context of Kingston, Jamaica. Finally, in the third article, Fr Ismael (“Melo”) Moreno Coto writes about two grassroots programs that promote peace in one of the most violent cities in the world, in Honduras.

As Jenny Cafiso says in her editorial, these articles “are not theoretical musings, but reflections based on lived experiences and years of commitment to peace rooted in courage, faith and love for the people.”

Women in solidarity in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. (Photo: ERIC/Radio Progreso)

Women in solidarity in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
(Photo: ERIC/Radio Progreso)

On the theme of peace, Canadian Jesuit Greg Kennedy has written a marvelous poem featuring St Anthony and Jack-in-the-box!

This issue also tells the stories of three CJI supporters who have left legacies of love and service. They are followed by an appeal for readers to consider their own legacies. See more.

Finally, we give some CJI news, including that of a talk given by Fr Orobator in Etobicoke, Ontario, on “Diaspora as Mission.” As Jenny says at the end of her editorial: “We too are called to work for a lasting peace based on justice. We too can begin to light up the darkness of the night.”

We hope you enjoy the issue and are encouraged in your own peacebuilding and peace-supporting efforts. Have a wonderful spring and summer!

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(Banner photo by D. Rueda/SJR LAC: Women peacebuilders in Conquista, Colombia)