Giving Tuesday – Tell Ten!

“Tell Ten” is CJI’s Giving Tuesday campaign for 2017. It is aimed at spreading the word about support for livelihoods with a focus on justice and human dignity.

You can help us “Tell Ten” about the importance of supporting livelihood projects — from skills training and informal education to micro-credit programs and income-generating initiatives — by attending one of our events with a friend, donating to raise $60,000 for our projects, or telling your friends and family about why you support CJI.

We are profiling three projects that enhance self-reliance and support livelihoods:

1. Human Life Development and Research Centre

The Human Life Development and Research Centre (HLDRC) is a project of the Jesuits in Darjeeling, India. It accompanies workers both on functioning tea plantations and in so-called closed gardens, which are plantations that have been abandoned due to financial or other problems, leaving workers without livelihoods or income. HLDRC projects promote alternative livelihood training.

2. Kasisi Agricultural and Training Centre

The Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre (KATC) in Zambia trains small-scale farmers in organic, sustainable farming. At KATC, local farmers learn how to employ a combination of indigenous knowledge and new technologies to produce more food.

3. Comparte

Comparte (“Share”) is a community of learning and action comprised of over 16 social organizations across Latin America. It works with marginalized communities and seeks to accompany and empower them through the promotion of alternative economic models.

Please join our campaign and “Tell Ten”:

  • Subscribe to CJI’s newsletter (it only takes a minute!)
  • Follow CJI on social media — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Donate or start a mini-fundraiser with your friends and family to help us reach our $60,000 goal
  • Take a friend to one of Fr Lalit Tirkey’s talks on “Livelihoods and Tea Garden Workers in Darjeeling” in 8 cities across Canada
  • Host a Tell Ten gathering and let us know how can we help you: organize a tea, wine and cheese evening, dinner, brunch, hangout, potluck, prayer or reflection group
  • Share our resources in your communities (parish, school, club, etc.). You can download them here:

For more information about how you can “Tell Ten” as we approach Giving Tuesday on 28 November, please contact Isabel at or phone 1-800-448-2148.

THANK YOU for your interest and support!

Giving Tuesday 2017 postcard