Honduran leaders’ safety

Only one month after expressing their concern regarding the post-election situation in Honduras, the Jesuit Provincials of English and French Canada, Fathers Peter Bisson and Erik Oland, have sent another letter to the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs. This time they express their deep concern for the safety of Fr Ismael (Melo) Moreno SJ and 8 other community leaders in Honduras who are the targets of “a highly organized smear campaign.” They note that the tactic of discrediting leaders has been used by repressive regimes in the past “to incite and justify violence.”

The Canadian Provincials urge Minister Chrystia Freeland and the Government of Canada to take action for a peaceful resolution to the current political crisis in Honduras and for the protection of community leaders, including Fr Melo.

Below is the full letter to Minister Freeland as well as a statement by the President of the Jesuits of Latin America and the Caribbean (CPAL), Fr Roberto Jaramillo:


For ongoing updates (in Spanish), you can listen online to Radio Progreso, a Jesuit radio station in Honduras: http://www.radioprogresohn.net

(Banner photo by L. Hansen: Fr Melo speaking out in Honduras)