World Social Justice Day

February 20 is the World Day of Social Justice. It provides an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to the promotion of human dignity, equality and development.

A woman in skills training at Dollo Ado.(Photo: Miriam Lopez-Villegas/CJI)

A woman in skills training at Dollo Ado.
(Photo: Miriam Lopez-Villegas/CJI)

This year the theme the World Day is Workers on the Move: The Quest for Social Justice. According to the UN, most migration today is linked directly or indirectly to the search for decent work opportunities. Even if employment is not the primary driver, it usually features in the migration process at some point.

Of the estimated 258 million international migrants, the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that approximately 150 million are migrant workers. Migrant workers account for 4.4% of all workers, or almost 1 out of every 20 workers.

Canadian Jesuits International has a number of projects among international migrants, many of whom must find work to support their families and educate their children. Today, this year, we urge you to learn more about the Syrian migrants we help to support in Lebanon and the Somali migrants we help to support in Ethiopia. Please click on the projects in the sidebar.

If you would like to donate to either of these projects, you can do so here:

Please support Syrian migrants in Lebanon —

Please support Somali migrants in Ethiopia —

(Banner photo by Peter Balleis SJ: Syrian refugees in Beirut, Lebanon)