Threat against Honduran journalist

The following editorial from Criterio in Honduras ( concerns a death threat against journalist Sandra Marybel Sánchez, who works at Radio Progreso, a partner of Canadian Jesuits International.

Tegucigalpa – Concerning the death threat against Radio Progreso journalist Sandra Marybel Sánchez, Father Ismael Moreno, director of Radio Progreso, said that the incident highlights three aspects.  First, this threat occurs as a recognition of the critical capacity and analysis that typifies the highly recognized work of Sandra Maribel Sanchez as a journalist in the country.

The second observation made by Fr. Ismael Moreno sj is that he is proud to have her as part of the Radio Progreso team. They complement one another as a team because both Radio Progreso and Sandra Maribel Sanchez have a solid track record in Honduran journalism and when they attack her they also attack the station, Moreno said.

As a third observation, he said that touching issues such as the privatization of health care in the country is to touch those who have real power in Honduras, “and for that reason we identify this threat with the Honduran elites who, in alliance with the multinationals, are in a process of depredation and robbery of national assets and sovereignty.”

Father Melo, as he is most widely known, said that, although they do not have much faith in the state organisms such as the National Commissioner for Human Rights (Conadeh), which are clearly an extension of the “human rights” of the current regime and the Public Ministry that are seen as inefficient, nevertheless, Radio Progreso will present a formal complaint to establish an official and formal record.

Furthermore, Fr. Melo said that he believes in the rule of law and hopes that someday these state institutions will fulfill the role and function that corresponds to them in an authentic State of law.

Fr. Melo recalled that this was not the first time that the radio and the ERIC teams have received threats or been attacked.  Last December the government sabotaged a radio tower in Tegucigalpa. Internationally recognized constitutional lawyer Joaquín Mejía Rivera of the Reflection and Research Team also received threats.

He also recalled that in the electoral period of 2017 pro-government agents circulated an absurd pamphlet which accused him of responsibility for the violence in the country with links to the proliferation of arms and drug trafficking.

(Banner photo from Sandra Maribel Sánchez)