2018 fall newsletter

CJI’s fall 2018 newsletter celebrates the gifts of young people and examines ways to empower youth. It is available in PDF format here:

Mission News, vol. 53, no. 3

In the cover article, Zimbabwean Jesuit Tendai Matare looks at the challenges and strengths of African youth and highlights several programs and developments that enable them to bring change and create a better future for themselves and those around them.

Young people in the Santa Maria Educational Unit in Trinidad, Bolivia, engage in group work. (Photo: Elvira Noe Moye)

The second article, by Eufronio Toro, highlights one of the newer projects that CJI is supporting: the Pan-Amazon Caring for Our Common Home Initiative. The author describes how it is helping to empower the lives of indigenous young people in the Amazon region and protect their culture and environment.

In the third article, CJI’s Outreach Coordinator Pieter Niemeyer focuses on what a group of Canadians learned during a Caribbean Solidarity Trip to the Dominican Republic and Haiti about the struggles of young people there and about some Jesuit programs that engender hope.

Finally, the newsletter reports on a recent CJI event featuring guest speakers Sister Petite Lao and Dr Ricardo Angeles who described the medical training of young Filipinos at a Jesuit University. These young people are making a real difference in the lives of rural people in Mindanao, Philippines.

In her editorial, CJI director Jenny Cafiso states that “any effort toward social transformation needs to support young people to become catalysts for poverty reduction, good governance, and sustainable development.” And she notes that “the Jesuits have long made work with youth a key part of their mission.” This issue illustrates that and reminds us that it is among “poor and marginalized young people … that we find our hope.”

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(Banner photo by JesCom Zimbabwe-Mozambique: Integral Youth Development (IYD) leaders interact with school children in Zimbabwe to promote healthy living)