World Food Day 2018

October 16 is World Food Day (WFD). The annual event was established by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 1945 to increase awareness of world hunger and poverty and to inspire solutions for change.

Last year, Pope Francis addressed the FAO on World Food Day and what he said then is just as relevant today. “We should pay heed to the cry of so many of our marginalized and excluded brothers and sisters,” he said. “‘I am hungry, I am a foreigner, I am naked, sick and confined in a refugee camp.’ It is a call for justice, not a plea or an emergency call.”

Pope Francis emphasized the role each one of us can play to bring about change and end hunger and food insecurity: “It is our duty to call for a change in lifestyles, in the use of resources, in production criteria and even in consumption, which involves more and more food being lost and wasted. We cannot be satisfied with saying ‘someone else will deal with it.’… Hunger is clearly caused by wars and climate change and we need to stop talking about it as though it were an incurable disease.”

CJI’s WFD focus: Lok Manch

This year, CJI is highlighting the work of our partner Lok Manch (People’s Forum) in India. Lok Manch was formed in response to food insecurity faced by millions of people in a context where food was being wasted and the right to food was being neglected due to indifference, mismanagement and corruption. Lok Manch is making a difference!

To contribute to the work of Lok Manch this World Food Day, please  

(Banner photo by Lok Manch: School children in Gujarat, India, enjoy a midday meal)