2019 Easter Appeal

Luke’s gospel tells us about two disciples in Emmaus who, after the resurrection, realized that the stranger they had accompanied was Jesus: “Their eyes were opened, and they recognized him.”

In the Easter Vigil readings this year, Baruch urges us to “learn where there is wisdom … (and) light for the eyes.” CJI director Jenny Cafiso writes in her Easter Appeal letter that we can “‘learn where there is wisdom’ by accompanying people who are excluded, marginalized, silenced.” Our eyes can be opened to recognize Jesus in them.

See/download a copy of CJI’s Easter Appeal folder.

CJI’s Easter Appeal focuses on two projects that allow us to accompany people through our gifts:

Outpatient clinic at Jesu Ashram. (Photo: Jesu Ashram)

Jesu Ashram is a health centre and hospice for the destitute in the Jesuit Darjeeling Province of India. The work of our partners there helps us to see the dignity of people who are invisible to mainstream society. Our target for Jesu Ashram in 2019 is $186, 917. Please 

The Strengthening of Civil Society program in Honduras is part of Radio Progreso’s mission to accompany marginalized communities. This Jesuit-run program opens people’s eyes to human rights violations and enables people to join together for an equitable, peaceful society. Our target for Strengthening of Civil Society in Honduras in 2019 is $169,375. Choose “Honduras – Human Rights” in the Fund pull-down menu:  

THANK YOU for your support and have a happy Easter!

Women demonstrate in solidarity in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. (Photo: ERIC/Radio Progreso)

(Banner photo by J. Cafiso/CJI: Nurse Sobha Ekka at Jesu Ashram)