APPEAL for Venezuela

Canadian Jesuits International (CJI) has launched an appeal in response to the crisis in Venezuela.


Action by local Jesuits and partners

Within Venezuela, Jesuit parishes, apostolates and social centres are working to provide shelter, food, psychosocial and spiritual support to vulnerable people. As well, Fe y Alegria (Faith and Joy) Schools are doing everything possible to continue providing education services. These schools rely heavily on donations.

Migrants crossing the Venezuela-Colombia border.
(Photo: George Castellanos/JRS)

At the borders, Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in Colombia and Brazil is providing basic humanitarian assistance to refugees from Venezuela. This includes food, shelter, legal assistance, psychosocial care and medical aid for vulnerable persons such as pregnant women, unvaccinated children, and people with chronic diseases. In addition, JRS is working with the host communities to promote a culture of hospitality, solidarity and peace.

Worsening crisis

Venezuelans are suffering through a political, economic and social crisis of almost unprecedented proportions. There are severe shortages of basic goods, including food and medicine, an unstable currency, now with extreme hyperinflation, a high rate of unemployment, as well as crime, rampant violence and political instability. All of these indicators continue to worsen.

As a result of this crisis, close to 4 million people have fled the country and more are leaving every day. The exodus is creating additional pressures and problems in receiving countries, including Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and Brazil, which now have large Venezuelan refugee populations.

What you can do

Jesuits and their collaborators in Venezuela desperately need your help to continue serving people in their institutions and to provide basic support to people in need. As well, JRS needs your help to continue their programs among Venezuelan refugees in neighbouring countries.

Your help is urgently needed!
Please respond generously.