Education and advocacy

The education and advocacy programs of CJI seek to raise awareness of Canadians and encourage them to advocate for international social justice. Last year, CJI engaged in a number of important initiatives with outreach in schools and parishes, communication with supporters, advocacy, events for the general public and collaboration with sister organizations. Activities included:

Youth for Others Days – justice focused days with more than 150 students and educators in different cities.

Advocacy on extractive sector oversight for Canadian companies working abroad through participation in Justice in Mining and the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA)

• Advocacy and solidarity with other social justice organizations in Canada in support of the defence of human rights in Honduras, Colombia and Nicaragua

Public event – More than coffee: Cultivating dignity and justice in Chiapas

Fr Arturo Estrada SJ speaking to participants at the public forum in Toronto.

Fr Arturo Estrada SJ speaking to participants at the public forum in Toronto.
(Photo: V. Reyes/CJI)

Fr Arturo Estrada SJ, Director of the Bachajón Jesuit Mission in Chiapas, Mexico, visited Ontario and Newfoundland last November 18 – 27. His visit coincided with Canadian Jesuits International’s (CJI) Giving Tuesday campaign, “JUST Communities.” This campaign, which ended on December 3, highlighted the work of our community partners in the Global South and their effort to strengthen just relationships among people and with the earth – our common home.

The culmination of Fr Arturo’s visit were the three public engagement events held in Ottawa, St John’s and Toronto: More than coffee; cultivating dignity and justice in Chiapas. At these events, Fr Arturo talked about the Jesuit partnership with the Tseltal and how they promote dignity and justice by:

1) promoting land ownership, food security, and fair wages;
2) advocating for socio-political self-governance consistent with the values of the Tseltal culture; and
3) strengthening the Indigenous church through synthesis with the Mayan rite and through greater roles for lay people.


Public event – Tax justice and the common good

Giving Tuesday – Just Communities campaign

Mission Co-op Sundays – speakers at different parishes