Forcibly displaced people and emergency relief

There are about 71 million refugees and internally displaced people worldwide. CJI supports its partners who accompany, serve and
advocate for forcibly displaced people through emergency relief and long-term development projects. Because refugees spend on average 17 years away from their home, investing in education is essential.

For emergency responses CJI works with the Xavier Network to maximize the effectiveness of their collective effort.

COLOMBIA – Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS)
Accompaniment of internally displaced people

Community-building activity for internally displaced people and their hosts.

Community-building activity for internally displaced people and their hosts.
(Photo: JRS Colombia)

A historic peace agreement between the Government of Colombia and the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC) was signed in 2016. However, violence and strife continue to persist resulting in the internal displacement of thousands of Colombians. The municipality of Barrancabermeja hosts many forcibly displaced families who struggle to adjust to their new environment and face the ever-present threat of violence in the area.

CJI supports JRS Colombia which accompanies 3 vulnerable communities in Barrancabermeja. The project facilitates the integration process between displaced people and host populations, and strengthens relationships between them. It also identifies community leaders who help with the reconciliation and settlement processes.

Director: Fr Mauricio García Duran SJ. Website:


• SOUTH SUDAN – Jesuit Province of Eastern Africa
Education, advocacy and institutional strengthening

JORDAN – Jesuit Centre, Amman
Assistance for vulnerable refugees

ETHIOPIA – Jesuit Refugee Service
Adult education and livelihood support

SYRIA – Jesuit Refugee Service
Family support for Syrian refugees

Education programs have been implemented across the Middle East to support Syrian refugees.

Education programs have been implemented across the Middle East to support Syrian refugees.
(Photo: JRS-MENA)

CJI supports the work of JRS Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in a region where the needs of forcibly displaced people remain extremely challenging.

In Syria, a large number of schools have been damaged or destroyed in the course of the conflict. Those that have managed to remain open are so overcrowded they cannot accommodate more displaced children. In addition, children face major risks of violence and exploitation as seen in the significant rise in child marriages, labour and soldiers. Many young people have experienced severe physical and psychological trauma.

Eight years after starting emergency services for forcibly displaced people, JRS teams are increasingly devoting resources to the social and psychological needs of children and their families as well as to educational programs for both children and adults.

JRS Regional Director: Fr Nawras Sammour SJ. Website:


VENEZUELA/COLOMBIA – Jesuit Refugee Service
Humanitarian assistance to displaced Venezuelans

Beyond Cyclone Idai – Restoration and reconstruction

SOUTH SUDAN – Jesuit Refugee Service
Education and feeding of school children