Join challenge for Pan-Amazon

Canadian Jesuits International (CJI) is working with the Jesuit Service to the Pan-Amazon Region (SJPAM) and with Fe y Alegría (FyA) International Educational Network on the Awareness-raising, Intercultural and Bilingual Education Initiative.

Canadians can support this initiative during June 2018 as CJI takes on the Great Canadian Giving Challenge. With every $1 donation given to CJI through the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, we gain another chance to win $10,000 for this project. Please support our partners in Latin America, and help over 11,000 students and teachers get a chance to protect and advance their communities.

Pan-Amazon region children with “Save our planet” poster.

The people who live in the Amazon River Basin share resources, cultures and land that stretch beyond established national boundaries. Across 5 countries in Latin America – Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela – FyA and SJPAM are working with local communities to strengthen indigenous identity according to each community’s needs.

Since indigenous populations often spread beyond the territory of any one nation, FyA and SJPAM have decided to address the Pan-Amazon not as individual countries, but as a unified whole. This regional approach helps to address transnational issues, especially when it involves collateral environmental damage caused by the exploitation of natural resources. Twenty-six schools in different parts of the Pan-Amazon region have been selected as pilot projects for this new initiative.

Although much needs to be done, our partners have joined forces to build intercultural and bilingual education curricula tailored to the culture and environment of local communities. Teachers and students need language classes to prevent indigenous languages from disappearing and they also need Spanish or Portuguese to interact with others as their localities transform. Each school faces its own challenges, but it is supported by an extensive network not limited by borders.

Through mutual exchange and collaboration, these 26 schools will partner with their local communities and with administrative and environmental organizations to identify and implement actions to protect their natural resources, building a culture of solidarity, awareness and care for “Our Common Home.”

Canadian Jesuits International is working with FyA and CJPAM to fund the second phase of this four-year plan, and we need your help!

Please consider supporting CJI during June. Every $1 donation is a chance to with an extra $10,000 for this project.