One way of supporting the mission of Canadian Jesuits International is to join us in prayer. We all seek and find God in our own way. But one thing that is common to all prayer is that it takes us out of ourselves and into a broader perspective on God’s engagement with the world. It helps us to have a closer relationship with others, including the poor, the “strangers” and the marginalized. Once I pray for the people on the other side of the world, I join myself to them in solidarity.

The form of prayer offered to us by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, is to strive to find God in all things … in all people, places, situations and experiences. How can we discover God in the struggles of the poor and marginalized around the world? How can that discovery help us to bring God to those in our midst?

In this section of the website, we share prayers for peace and justice that inspire us, from well-known Church leaders, from people on the margins and from all across the world. We offer some “tools” for reflection, turning to parts of the liturgy to encourage reflection.

We also encourage you to pay a visit to the praying with refugees section of the Jesuit Refugee Service at

Prayers for People Facing Famine and Food Shortages

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

In praise of the God of Creation

Pray for Sudan

Pray for Syria

Reflection for Lent by Archbishop Romero

The Voice of the Voiceless World

A Creed