A Creed

Adapted from a poem by German theologian Dorothy Solee, and the Latin American credo.

We believe in a loving God, creator of all humankind who forms and sustains the universe in power and love.

We believe in a God who has not divided people into the poor and the rich, specialists and the ignorant, owners and slaves.

We believe in Jesus Christ, God incarnate, who showed us by his words and work, suffering with others and conquest of death, what human life ought to be and what God is like.

We believe in Jesus Christ who rose, and continues to rise for our life, so that we may be liberated from prejudice and arrogance, from fear and hate, so that we may transform the world into the city of God.

We believe in the Spirit who came with Jesus into the world, who is present with us now and always, and can be experienced in prayer, in action, in forgiveness, in the Word, and in the community of the church.

We believe in the community of all peoples and in our responsibility for making our world into either a place of misery, hunger, and tyranny or into the City of God.

We believe that it is possible to build a just peace.

We believe that a life full of meaning is possible for all, and in the future of this world of God.


From Third World Solidarity Day, Share Lent ’82, Development and Peace.

(Photo: Peter Balleis SJ/JRS)