In Praise of the God of Creation

Creation stories abound in African folklore. They tell ancient tales of how the earth and the universe came to be. These tales are a deep wellspring of African creation spiritualities and an inspiration for this prayer in praise of the God of creation.

Ageless One, Creator,
From before before, when only water and darkness existed
You formed the earth with a grain of sand.
You created our mothers and fathers from a drop of milk.

From your deep womb came fire to light sun, moon,stars.
You raised mountains high, moulded hills round, dugvalleys deep.
You stretched rivers long, filled lakes to the brim, spread oceans wide.
You caused thunder to rumble, lightning to flash, rain to fall.
You planted green fields, thick bushes, mighty forests.
You fixed wings on birds, fins on fishes, limbs to animals.

From the same bowl you ate ugali and fufu, and drank palm-wine with our ancestors.
You taught them to grow crops, melt iron, harvest salt, grind grains
Until our greed and selfishness caused you to retreat into your great sky hut
And there was death.

Still, from your great sky hut you lower your ageless
umbilical cord.
You draw us back into your deep womb of love and
compassion, to live a thousand thousand moons with our ancestors.
That is why we raise our voices and sing of the wonder
of your creation, the grandeur of your wisdom….

From “Theology Brewed In An African Pot”
by Fr Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator SJ
2008, Orbis Books, New York