Solidarity trips

Solidarity learning trips

The outreach program of Canadian Jesuits International (CJI) involves both education and advocacy. These two aspects often come together for those who participate in CJI’s learning trips, resulting in an experience of genuine solidarity.

Solidarity learning trips are rooted in reciprocity. Canadian participants and the people they meet learn about one another’s reality and about how their lives are interconnected. Participants do not go as tourists or donors, and certainly not as experts. Rather, they go as learners and fellow human beings. They make new friends; they discover another culture; and they often find themselves relating their experiences back in Canada in ways that make them advocates for things that need to be changed in the way Canada relates to other countries.

CJI’s solidarity trips are intended for teachers, college and university students, parish leaders and anyone interested in a faith and social justice experience. They are accompanied by CJI staff or board members and are hosted by local Jesuits and collaborators who are actively engaged in social change.

To date, CJI has led trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti and to Zambia. Further trips are being organized. We encourage you to apply! Please see below for details.

Solidarity learning trips


To find out more about these trips, contact Pieter Niemeyer at or 1-800-448-2148.

(Banner photo by CJI: Canadian participants in solidarity with Marcha Verde (Green March), a social movement opposing impunity in the Dominican Republic)