Your voices

Your voices

Many people who support the work of Canadian Jesuits International have become involved in outreach — in schools, parishes, visits to projects, public events, advocacy, volunteer work, fundraising and so on. “Your voices” is a forum for personal accounts by friends of CJI about what they have learned through their experiences of involvement. Their contributions and their sharing here are greatly appreciated. The “voices” below are ordered chronologically, beginning with the most recent:

  • Claudia Sassa – “A Y4O Day experience”

    On Tuesday April 25th, 2017, students from Blessed Cardinal Newman participated in the Canadian Jesuits International’s fifth annual “Youth 4 Others” … Read more

  • Claire MacLeod – “A student’s reflection on IFTJ”

    Over a five day period, eleven members of our senior class, including myself, and two teachers, were in Washington, DC, for the Ignatian Family Teach-In … Read more

  • Tommy Connors – “A teacher’s reflection on IFTJ”

    I travelled to Washington in early November for the IFTJ with mixed feelings. First and foremost, being two days after the election that would change America … Read more

  • Daniella Altobelli – “Students for Syria”

    Imagine the place that is most familiar to you, the place where you grew up, the place where you took your first steps, said your first words and shed your first … Read more

  • Ted and Shirley Valentine – “Making a real difference”

    As a nursing graduate of St Louis University, Missouri, I met Tom Dooley MD, a former alumnus who spoke of his work as a medical missionary in Laos. His … Read more

  • Robert Kalisz – “Understanding the injustices”

    During World Youth Day celebrations in 2002, three pilgrim priests from Togo were provided lodging at Prince of Peace School in Toronto. In the evenings … Read more

  • Jo Anna Royackers – “Time, efforts and education”

    Canadian Jesuits International is one first generation dear to my heart. Your outreach is so wide I cannot fathom all of it. I just have seen what was done … Read more

  • Diana Brand – “A dream come true”

    Fr Ed [McGuire] is one of my favorite “saints”; he helps me a great deal. It was in the summer of 1983 that the seed of Gandhi Ashram was planted. It started … Read more

  • Sr Joyce Lorentz – “Twalumba!”

    One of the many gifts of the Social Justice Educational Study Tour organised by CJI to Zambia was Ignatian-centred reflection on our experience. Each time we … Read more

  • Tim Wild – “A resilient place”

    Zambia is a resilient place. Sure, at first blush, it is easy to get lost in the facts, the figures and the enormity of injustice. The low ranking of Zambia in the United … Read more

  • Amy Kieffer – “Learning through letters”

    After I went to Zambia on a Social Justice Educational Study Tour with CJI, I wanted to share my Zambian experience with my grade 7 and 8 students in a … Read more