Youth for Others

Youth for Others (Y4O) is the school outreach program of Canadian Jesuits International. It aims to inform students about their rich heritage of social justice and the responsibility it carries, to engage students in justice issues, and to establish committed partnerships with people in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Many Catholic schools in Canada are actively engaged in social justice work. CJI brings a unique contribution to their efforts based on our 50 years of experience in global solidarity; a worldwide network of Jesuit projects and contacts; and deep roots in Jesuit spirituality and Catholic social teaching.

Currently we are able to support justice education in schools by:

  • Providing speakers on Catholic social teaching and international development
  • Helping in planning school events on global justice themes
  • Connecting school fundraisers with CJI-supported projects
  • Twinning schools in Canada with Jesuit run schools overseas
  • Supporting educational study tours to CJI projects overseas


If you wish to strengthen social justice education in your school please write to