Livelihood Support

Promoting livelihoods and self-reliance in poor and marginalized communities is high on the list of CJI’s priorities. It enables families to move beyond mere survival to living in dignity and having all that they require for a full life.

Our partners have many projects that enhance self-reliance, from skills training and informal education to micro-credit programs and income-generating activities. Some projects focus on groups of people who are particularly marginalized or facing a difficult time, like refugees, women or people living with AIDS.

Many people need more basic support because, due to poor health, poverty, lack of opportunity, natural disasters, conflict or other circumstances, they cannot be self-reliant and cannot afford to buy the essentials for their families. Some of our partners give a helping hand to people who cannot cope from day to day: subsidies to pay rent and school fees, grants to buy food and medicine, and to meet other basic needs. The people who benefit from such support also work hard at whatever jobs they can get to make ends meet. The goal is always to enable people to engage in meaningful work, to support their families and to live with dignity.