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Casa Ricci Social Services

Vision: A society that offers equal opportunities for all

The Casa Ricci Social Services was born when the late Fr Luis Ruiz SJ (1913-2011) opened the doors of Macau’s Jesuit residence (called Casa Ricci) to poor people in the aftermath of World War II. Since then, Casa Ricci has served thousands of the poorest and most marginalized people in China.

Fr Ruiz was particularly moved by the plight of abandoned people with leprosy and over the years reached to over 140 communities in China, also setting up education programs for the children of those affected. When AIDS appeared, Casa Ricci turned its attention to HIV-positive people who, like those with leprosy, also suffer severe stigma and discrimination. Other projects include community development in marginalized communities and the formation and training of Casa Ricci co-workers.

Since the very beginning of his work in China, Fr Ruiz was clear that this was not “his” mission, but part of the mission of the whole Society of Jesus.

Director: Fr Fernando Azpiroz SJ

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