Togo – Education

Educational support

CJI is supporting the Loyola Hope Centre (CEL) in Lomé to extend HIV-AIDS education to the town of Kévé and to help secondary and tertiary students from the village of Avati in Togo.

This initiative builds on a partnership fostered when pilgrims and priests from Togo were billeted at the Prince of Peace School, when World Youth Day was held in Toronto back in 2002.

The “Togo Project” of Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Scarborough, Ontario, has already helped to build primary schools in Kévé and Avati. The school in Kévé has 350 students and more space is needed, so an old building on the side is being renovated, and will have a dual function that includes HIV-AIDS education in the evening and on weekends.

In Avati, help is being offered to 31 secondary school students with tuition, lodging, food, and school materials; they attend school in the nearby town of Agbelouve. Ten university students are also being supported. Such support is important because most families in the village are unable to afford to send their children to school beyond elementary level, and in fact, require their children’s assistance to earn income for the family so the children are often withdrawn from school at an early age.

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