Provincial’s message

Message from the Jesuit Provincial

For over 60 years now, CJI, formerly known Canadian Jesuits Mission, has fulfilled the mission of the Society of Jesus to promote faith and to serve justice. Over the years, the modalities have changed, but the mission remains the same.

Today CJI has evolved into an organization which, while remaining deeply rooted in its long tradition, is finding new responses to today’s global context. CJI remains one of the fundamental pillars of the Province of the Jesuits of Canada, helping it to respond to the call of Christ in the poor and those who are oppressed.

Peter Bisson SJ, Provincial Superior,
Jesuits of English Canada

As my predecessor, Fr Jim Webb said in an article for the CJI Newsletter in late 2011, “We are called to respond to the poor with charity and more comprehensively with justice, to restructure our world so that hundreds of millions are not left to live in poverty, so that the yawning gap between rich and poor does not continue to widen at an alarming pace.”

As we see in the rich diversity of the work represented in their website, CJI helps us to respond to this call and to include a universal dimension in all that we do. This response is intimately connected with the mission of the Society of Jesus, to serve faith and to promote the justice of God’s kingdom, in dialogue with cultures and religions, to which the Jesuits of Canada remain deeply committed.