Canadian Jesuits International

is the international solidarity agency of the Jesuits of Canada that supports poor and marginalized people in Africa, Asia and Latin America in their struggle for a more just society through the work of Jesuits and other partners. We also carry out education and advocacy in Canada on international social justice and global solidarity.

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News and events

CJI Board approves new projects for 2024

About 2,000 Somali refugee women and girls living in Ethiopia’s Dollo Ado refugee camps will be equipped with basic literacy and numeracy skills under a new project that will be supported by Canadian Jesuits International (CJI) beginning this July.

2023 Annual Report

From supporting the education of girls in communities where they are often excluded because of their gender, to teaching environmentally sound agriculture methods to rural farmers, CJI has supported projects that helped to advance UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and transform lives.

Webinar explores root causes of mining misery in the Congo

The legacy of colonialism, racism, unchecked consumerism, and a rapacious global economic and political system that overlooks ethical and environmental concerns are among the main reasons why mining and the extraction of natural resources is causing untold suffering in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

CJI support helps strengthen citizenship and democratic participation in Honduras

The support that organizations like Canadian Jesuits International (CJI) have provided to Jesuit-led ERIC-Radio Progreso has strengthened the capacity and advocacy efforts of local communities and social movements that are working to defend the rights of Hondurans.

International Programs

India - Jesu Ashram

Provides free medical treatment and care to destitute sick people, especially those living with leprosy, tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS.

South Sudan – Education Program

Provides meals and other essential items to 1300 children suffering from war and displacement in their country in a safe environment.

Pan-Amazon Initiative

Raises awareness about ecological and social justice issues and promotes intercultural and bilingual education in the Amazon region.


Community engagement

Bringing awareness to the social justice work of our Jesuit partners in the Global South

Youth for others

The school outreach program of CJI


Speaking up for the communities we work with

Your voices

Friends of CJI share their experiences of advocacy.

Empowering youth to change the world
By Emma Gonzalez


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Our donors speak

Through organizations like CJI, I can be part of the global mission of the Society of Jesus.
Sarah Greenwood

Sarah Greenwood

Regina, SK
When I was a teenager, my mother would collect money from women at the parish and send it to a Jesuit in India -- that was my inspiration. By supporting the work of CJI, I get to continue my mother's legacy and meet some of the Jesuits at their events. This has given me further inspiration and pleasure.


I support CJI and their partners because I trust them to use my donations wisely.

Jane Davidson

Bluewater, ON