The threat of COVID-19 is uppermost in everyone’s mind. Social distancing is now the norm, but as many people have already shown us, physical isolation does not have to be a barrier to show solidarity.

COVID-19 does not recognize borders, nationalities or economic status.  However, marginalized people everywhere, both in the North and South, are most at risk. Poor and homeless people, Indigenous communities, the urban poor and  forcibly displaced people are more likely to be exposed to the virus and do not have the social safety to support them in their illness or with job loss. We pay special attention to their plight during times of crisis.

Canadian Jesuits International is providing below articles and updates we receive from our partners in the Global South to keep friends and supporters informed on developments in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It is one simple way of showing concern and solidarity with everyone affected by this crisis.

News in brief

In this section, you will find brief updates from our partners in the Global South and how COVID-19 has affected … Read more

Just across our boundary walls there is a big slum area of some 600 migrant families. Most of these families … Read more

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Canadian Jesuits International supports the #V4 Migrants Campaign (We for Migrants). This campaign is an initiative of the Jesuit Conference … Read more

Radio classes in Herat, Afghanistan

Greetings to you once again from Bella Roma, and thank you for the many ways you support our mission.

In … Read more

Fr Ismael Moreno SJ (Fr Melo) in conversation with Jenny Cafiso, Director of Canadian Jesuits International, on COVID-19 and its … Read more

In the last three months or so, our focus, and rightly so, in Africa and the world over, has been … Read more

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The Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM)made an unprecedented move and commitment to work together to accelerate social support … Read more

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Like other countries in the world, South Sudan, the youngest nation on earth, is also grappling with the reality of … Read more

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COVID-19 pandemic: A call of the Justice in Mining Network to strengthen cooperation and solidarity with communities affected by mining… Read more

I hope and pray God almighty has kept you all under the wings of his protection.

I would like to … Read more

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Latest Update: 7 May 2020


Update: 16 April 2020 Update: 3 April 2020 Update: 27 March2020


19 March … Read more

As the coronavirus pandemic reached India, the federal government enforced a three-week lockdown from the midnight of March 23, giving … Read more

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Carine Umutoniwase is a team leader of Footprints for Change and a Youth Champion in the Jesuit Conference of Africa … Read more

South Sudan Education Programme
Latest Update: 20 April 2020


3 April 2020

We continue to think of Canada amidst the significant toll COVID-19 … Read more

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It seems right now in Kenya (and in fact across the entire Eastern African region), people are more scared about … Read more

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Dear Friends,

COVID-19 is definitely with us, as is God’s grace. As I speak to our regional directors, I am … Read more

Dear friends in the Lord,

As we continue with the compulsory shutdown of most activities in our respective apostolates because … Read more

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Being in the extreme Northeast of India has always been considered a disadvantage for this region of more that 45 … Read more

¿Víctima o testigo del Coronavirus?

Me piden que escriba unas letras sobre cómo estoy viviendo este tiempo de aislamiento. El … Read more

Warm greetings from very quiet and empty Xavier Jesuit School (XJS) Cambodia.

Xavier Jesuit School has been shut down since … Read more

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Es inédito para quienes seguimos su lucha por los Derechos Humanos y las libertades en Honduras saber que el padre… Read more
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Thank you Hadas and Robert 

Suddenly and abruptly, you both had to leave us at the Kakuma Refugee Camp due … Read more

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Dear Lok Manch Partner, leaders, communities, colleagues, staff, friends, well-wishers, family members and countrymen, women and children,

As our world … Read more

The Economic Impact of COVID-19 is Worsening Poverty in Africa

In the last three weeks or so, a common trend … Read more

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