Empowering youth to change the world

Emma Gonzalez

As a young person, I am grateful for the opportunities to engage with my peers through the activities and events of Canadian Jesuits International (CJI). CJI has opened my eyes to a world of injustice and inequality. This has encouraged me to be more aware of actions taken by Canadians and how they can sometimes negatively affect poor and marginalized people in the Global South. In 2021, I was part of a group of students from across Canada that helped CJI plan and host the Youth for Others Advocacy Symposium, Solidarity in a COVID-19 World. The event highlighted issues around vaccine equity, migration, corporate social responsibility, and ecological justice. Coming from a family of migrants, I have a unique understanding of this experience; drawing these parallels provided a clearer insight on how our choices can aff ect those who are forcibly displaced. CJI events underscore the importance of youth advocacy, education, and amplifying voices from the Global South. This leads to a hope-filled future for all.