Leoncia and other local leaders speak out against alleged human rights abuses committed by a Canadian mining company against their communities in the Dominican Republic. Photo: Centro Montalvo.

Like most island nations in the Global South, the Dominican Republic is particularly vulnerable to climate change. This is compounded by the environmental damage and instability caused by extractive industries. A number of mining companies, many headquartered in Canada, degrade water and air quality in the areas where they operate. This affects the health of the local population. This also affects agricultural productivity and animal health. In some cases, local people are displaced from their land.

The project responds to these socio-environmental impacts by focusing on the following areas: local autonomy, community organizing and strengthening, food security, defence of human rights and sovereignty.

The project supports 75 people (45 women and 30 men) working with grassroots organizations in three northern communities along the border with Haiti. Nearly 90% of the participants are young men and women who attend 3-day capacity building workshops to help people assess their situation and identify solutions. Centro Montalvo also supports grassroots organizations through dialogue with affected communities and public advocacy.

Director: Fr Osvaldo Andrés Concepción SJ

Website: https://centromontalvo.org/

The project at a glance:


Direct: 275 individuals
Indirect: Local communities affected by mining

Budget: $61,000


  • (15) capacity-buildings workshops on the impact of the extractive industry on local communities, environmental justice and community action.
  • Community dialogue on environmental protection, human rights defence  and sustainable development
  • (2) Conferences, one in the DR and the other in Haiti, on the impact of mining on poverty and climate change.
  • Advocacy against mining exploitation
  • Publication of a report on the impact of mining on local communities

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