The Comparte network is comprised of 16 different social justice organizations in 11 countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, and Spain. Members of the network are committed to sharing resources and techniques to research and implement alternative socio-economic models in their respective countries. They are united in a shared belief that the world can and should be changed. Each of the organizations is primarily concerned with its own local issues, but together they frame these issues in the larger Latin American context for purposes of solidarity and momentum.

Comparte (which means “share”) actively promotes alternatives to prevailing models of economic development, which can have devastating social and ecological effects on the local communities where traditional development is being done. It was founded in 2011 by the Conference of Jesuit Provincials of Latin America and the Caribbean (CPAL) and began its work by helping to empower local production of organic coffee, cacao, mate tea, honey and other products. The network also began providing resources and facilitating communication between the individual social justice organizations, as well as fostering partnerships with Jesuit universities in order to collaborate on research and specialized training. The main office of Comparte is located in Lima, Peru.

Currently the Comparte network is aiming to reach more than 49,000 people, most of them women of African and Indigenous descent living in rural communities.

Director: Oscar Rodriguez SJ



Latin America – Comparte

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(Banner photo by Enrique Carrasco SJ)
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