On May 17 at 12 noon (ET), please join us for a webinar on climate change and the challenges faced by the people who call the Amazon, the Congo Basin and the Boreal forest home. These regions are often described as the planet’s lungs – they absorb enormous amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and breathe out oxygen. These regions and their people encounter pressure to resist unabated resource extraction and development, often without free, prior and informed consent.

CJI is is pleased to invite Rigobert Minani SJ (Ecclesial Network of the Congo Basin Forest), Laura Vicuña Pereira Manso, CF (Ecclesial Conference of the Amazon Region), Ron Thiessen (Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society – Manitoba chapter) and Stephanie Thorassie (Seal River Watershed Alliance) to speak about the challenges that these regions and their people face.

For more information and to register, please visit: https://bit.ly/EarthsLungs