Canadian Jesuits International works with Jesuit and other partners in countries in the Global South through our International Programs.

Our partnerships are rooted in the Ignatian tradition and based on a shared commitment to social justice, human dignity, peace and integrity of creation. For CJI, the major principles of partnership are inclusiveness, equality, accompaniment, local responsibility, transparency and mutual accountability.

CJI works with our partners in about 20 different countries in three regions: Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Please click on a country in blue below to learn more about our partners and the projects we support in these countries. There is also a list of projects arranged by country and region below the map. 

CJI is also actively involved in education and advocacy in Canada. Through our Outreach program, we are able to inform Canadians of the challenges our sisters and brothers in the Global South face and act in solidarity with them.

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