We encourage friends of Canadian Jesuits International to join us in prayer. We all seek and find God in our own way. Prayer has many expressions, but what is common to all forms of prayer is that they take us out of ourselves and bring us to a broader perspective on God’s engagement with the world. Our prayer for others and their situation gives us a closer relationship with them. We discover that they are our brothers and sisters. They are no longer simply the stranger, the orphan or the marginalized. They now have a name and we are connected to them in solidarity.

The prayer and spirituality of the Jesuits is rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius. Also referred to as Ignatian spirituality, it is an apostolic spirituality of mission and is marked by a sense of God’s justice at the service of faith. It is finding God in all things: when God speaks to us in the midst of both justice and injustice and how we respond to these experiences.

We encourage our friends to learn more about Ignatian spirituality.

Here are a few places to start your search:

On spirituality from the Jesuit Curia, based in Rome.

How the Jesuits of Canada and the United States speak of spirituality.

Resources from the province of Canada.

Ignatius Jesuit Centre cultivates spiritual growth and ecological engagement.

A retreat centre founded on Ignatian spirituality.

The Irish Jesuits were one of the pioneers in the use of the internet to promote Ignatian spirituality.

A very popular site.


Banner photo: Community prayer at Teltal de Wololchan, Sitalha County, Chiapas, Mexico. Credit: Enrique Carrasco SJ.
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