Alboan is an international Jesuit NGO based in Basque Country and Navarre, Spain. It promotes spirituality, gender equality and citizen participation in social justice and policy advocacy.

Le Centre justice et foi (CJF) est un centre d’analyse sociale qui pose un regard critique sur les structures sociales, politiques, économiques, culturelles et religieuses.

One of six Jesuit conferences worldwide, this conference connects all Jesuit provinces in Canada and the United States and liaises with the international Jesuit headquarters in Rome.

Entreculturas is a Jesuit NGO, based in Spain, that works for social change and development through education.

Fe y Alegría is a federation of local organizations which offer educational opportunities to marginalized communities, along with teacher training and educational radio, in 19 countries.

A network of Jesuit institutions in Canada and the United States collaborating for social justice.

The Jesuit Curia in Rome is the seat of the Jesuit Superior General. It oversees the life and work of all Jesuit conferences and provinces.

JESC strives to integrate Christian faith and Catholic social teaching with the policies and practices of the European Union.

The Jesuit Forum is an initiative of the Jesuits in English Canada. It promotes small group discussions with an emphasis on listening to awaken social imagination, spiritual freedom and action.

The Mission Office for the Jesuit Province of Australia promotes the rights of vulnerable people to liberate themselves from poverty and injustice.

The international development and mission organization of the German Jesuits works on poverty reduction, aid to refugees, education, health, ecology, human rights and pastoral care.

The Mission Office for the Jesuit Irish Province carries out education projects in Cambodia as well as several countries in Africa.

The Mission Office for the Jesuit Province of the UK supports a number of social justice initiatives in the Global South.

The Province for the Jesuits of Canada. CJI is an apostolate of this province.

A global Jesuit agency that seeks to accompany, serve and advocate for the rights of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons.

A Jesuit initiative aimed at protecting human rights and the environment in mining projects around the world.

MAGIS (Movimento e Azione dei Gesuiti Italiani per lo sviluppo) is the social apostolate for the Jesuit Province of Italy.

The Province for the Jesuits of Canada. CJI is an apostolate of this province.

La Red Jesuita con Migrantes busca acompañar de manera eficaz, coordinada e integral a las personas migrantes, desplazadas y refugiadas desde ámbitos muy diversos: pastoral, educativo, social, investigativo, etc.

Based in Rome, SJES works to promote social and ecological justice within the Society of Jesus, coordinating different apostolates to improve collaboration.

This is global website for the Jesuits, including their numerous ministries around the world.

The Xavier Network links 13 Jesuit mission offices and NGOs in Australia, Canada and Europe. XN promotes close cooperation among its members as they work together on development and justice initiatives. CJI is a member.

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