The School of Medicine is part of a Jesuit University in the southern Philippines. It trains physicians dedicated to serving poor and marginalized communities, especially in the area of Western Mindanao.

Located in China, Casa Ricci cares for people with leprosy and AIDS, provides education and promotes development in marginalized communities.

Comparte (“Share”) is a network of 16 social organizations in Latin America that shares information, resources and expertise to implement alternative economic development.

Fe y Alegría DRC helps children in Kikwit and Kinshasa access their right to quality education. It is an investment in the future of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Hayden Hall, in Darjeeling, India, provides basic services such as hygiene, food and housing, as well as skills-training for women and financial services in the form of a credit union.

HLDRC works with tea estate labourers and other vulnerable people on capacity-building, legal aid and social and economic development initiatives.

Jesu Ashram provides free quality healthcare to destitute people suffering from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, leprosy and other illnesses in Matigara, India.

JENA is a diverse community of faith-inspired Jesuit NGOs, related Jesuit Institutions, individual Jesuit peace and development activists and scholars driven by a vision of a just, poverty-free, peaceful and ecologically regenerative Africa.

The Eastern Africa Province was formed in 1986 and consists of 210 Jesuits from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda.

JRS programs for forcibly displaced people in Colombia focus on psychosocial accompaniment, training in human rights, local integration and community-building programmes, with special attention for children and adolescents.

JRS Eastern Africa provides assistance to forcibly displaced people and asylum seekers in camps and cities in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, and Uganda.

JRS MENA serves refugees and displaced persons from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan with education, healthcare and psychosocial services.

Located in Zambia, KATC provides training for small-scale farmers in organic agriculture and also engages in research, advocacy, extension services and market development.

Lok Manch (People’s Forum) is an organization comprising roughly 100 Jesuit and lay agencies in 12 states across India. It promotes the rights and entitlements of marginalized people, including women, adivasis, dalits and other minorities.

Metta Karuna (Loving Compassion) is a Jesuit Service Cambodia (JSC) project that seeks to accompany rural persons with disabilities and those living in poverty.

NJSI was established in response to the earthquake that devastated many parts of Nepal in 2015. It is actively involved in the rehabilitation of schools, shelters and livelihoods in 11 affected districts.

Nyumbani (“At Home”) began as Kenya’s first hospice for orphans with AIDS. It provides medical and home-based HIV/AIDS services, education and preventive care, and promotes environmental and economic sustainability.

Ocer Campion, located in northern Uganda, was established after years of civil war; it helps with reconstruction and offers hope and dignity to students, their families and communities.

Radio Progreso and ERIC (Reflection, Research and Communications Team) are Jesuit organizations working with the people of Honduras to defend human rights, protect the environment and promote socio-economic well-being.

RJM-CANA provides for the basic needs of migrants such as food, medication, shelter and refuge as well as psychological and spiritual support and legal advice. They also provide humanitarian relief and accompaniment to migrants who have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

SJPAM is an initiative of the Jesuit Conference of Provincials of Latin America (CPAL). Its aim is to promote the work of existing Jesuits networks in the Pan-Amazon region in partnership with other organizations and communities.

SOJASI/SASAC works with poor and marginalized children, youth and families in the Jesuit Province of Darjeeling in India. It offers education, life skills and training in organic farming.

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