Jenny Cafiso is the Executive Director of Canadian Jesuits International.

It is hard to speak of a just recovery from COVID-19 when I woke up to news that in my … Read more

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One of the first messages I received in the new year is from Fr Charles Chilufya SJ in Africa, lamenting … Read more

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Fr Ismael Moreno SJ (Fr Melo) in conversation with Jenny Cafiso, Director of Canadian Jesuits International, on COVID-19 and its … Read more

These are times of great change, but we are not all living them in the same way. As many have … Read more

A couple of months ago, we chose “Caring for our common home” as the theme for this issue. We chose … Read more

Right at the outset of the Rome Congress celebrating the fifty years of the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat (SJES), … Read more

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The goal of the Child Safeguarding workshop was to get a deeper understanding of safeguarding issues; to reflect on our … Read more

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Bridging Borders

Crossing borders with hope

As I write this, over 7,000 Honduran migrants including children have crossed the Guatemalan and Mexican … Read more

This article is the first in a blog series appearing on the igNation website in November 2017. The series aims … Read more